Wrinkles and grooves

Its action lasts approximately 6 months and the areas of greatest application are the eyebrows, the forehead and the crow’s feet area Goji Cream Review. Their results are good applied by doctors specialized in this technique.

As for the filling of wrinkles and grooves, it is possible to inject biocompatible and safe materials, such as hyaluronic acid, products degradable by the body, which means that they are not permanent and last approximately 1 year. They are basically used for the filling of the grooves that go from the nose to the mouth and grooves that are above the upper lip.

As for the laser, it is used to remove stains Goji Cream Review, veins and exfoliate skin damaged by the sun. Currently, in Clínica Las Condes there are rejuvenation equipment that does not require surgery, such as non-ablative lasers and Thermage, which performs a facelift without surgery. All of them treatments performed by specialized doctors.

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