Hand on the floor

Support your left knee on the floor and also the sole of the right foot, so that they are aligned. Place your left hand on the floor just below your shoulder and raise your right arm. Pause and lower it so that it is between your left arm and the leg. Return to the starting position Healthy Life Garcinia. Do all the repetitions and change sides.

Stand with your back against the wall and raise your arms so that the backs of your hands, elbows and arms are in contact with the wall. Go back down, keeping them in contact with the wall.

Conventional squats do not fully prepare your muscles for a demanding routine. This sequence is all you need to be ready and safe when doing exercises that involve the whole body.

Stand with your feet a little wider than your shoulders, and arms above your head. Flexion at your waist to touch the tip of your feet Healthy Life Garcinia. Then, lower your hips until you reach a squat position, with your knees out of your arms. Lift your chest and raise your arms one by one over the head, and finally, stand up.

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