challenge of weight loss

And you have to have real goals. According to the specialist, patients create many expectations: if I were thin … if I could maintain this weight … To better face the challenge of weight loss Dietonica Review, it is important to start slowly, with short deadlines and achievable goals. “When I set a lower goal than I can produce, I will feel more motivated and self-confident. Keeping realistic expectations is an important step toward achieving the body you want,” he explains.

These and other tools of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) are effective in changing behavior. “Only awareness is able to make those candidates for weight loss succeed in this journey as nothing magical as many would wish.We lose weight requires effort.When I become aware of my behavior, I do not blame anyone for what I can not.This will be possible to know: ‘What am I really hungry for?’, ‘Of food or feelings?’ “He suggests.

The book is a bestseller, which attracts, but also drives away readers. There are always those who flee from what they consider self-help. In Think Thin for Life (Artmed), Judith Beck updates the weight-loss Dietonica program proposed in her previous book, Think Lean: Beck’s Definitive Diet. Based on cognitive and behavioral techniques, the program, on the contrary, is the result of research initiated by his father, Aaron Beck, and later followed by behavioral scholars around the world.

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