better weight loss strategies

In the evaluation of Carlos Uribe, a neurologist at Hospital Brasília, the results of the research showed important data within a highly relevant topic. “This weight loss issue has already become a public health problem, due to the large number of obese people and the problems related to this disease, such as diabetes and hypertension. That’s why a lot of research like this has come up, looking for more and better weight loss strategies Keto Max Burn XS, “he said in commenting on the findings of Canadians.

The neurologist pointed out that the cerebral relationship with weight loss also helps to explain behaviors seen in the medical field. “These obstacles may be related to the large number of people who undergo bariatric surgeries, but they can not maintain their weight, recovering in a short time all that was lost,” he said.

The doctor said he believed that interventions such as cognitive therapies, as well as neuromodulation, may contribute to weight loss Keto Burn. “In addition to psychologists, we also have other methods, such as electrical stimulation, which is a way of interfering with the neural activity of the patient and which may be an outlet to be explored in the future,” he added.


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